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Residential buildings

New Buildings Created 100% in the Free Architects Studio

Each new building created in an urbanized environment represents a challenge which can advance this field of design. Do not repeat the mistakes of others, but look for better and cleverer solutions. Down history, the legislation of different times has in fact been. Current legislation proves to be historically, unusually fair to us. It responds to a period in the recent past, and objectively seeks to create better and more flexible conditions for development of localities in the spirit of the modern, European citiy of the compact type. In practice, this means giving priority to construction within given perimeters, rather than to rapid expansion into the landscape. Unfortunately, political pressures sometimes push it in the opposite direction, so it can be a very difficult and tedious process for the responsible investor and his team to establish even a simple thing. For larger cities, five-year or longer periods are common between the first sketch and the sale. This puts enormous demands on the ability of the entire creative team to anticipate demand many years ahead, and to create so-called timeless solutions. That's why urban development is complicated, and we would even call it the monarch in our field, with no offence intended to the proud creators of photogenic villas overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

STUDÁNKA 2 for Neocity Group in cooperation with Němec Polák Ltd. engineer's office 2014–2017. We are currently working on a project for a residential building with 60 apartments in Prague 8. Although this is on a vacant plot of land, we managed to construct the building from carefully tuned apartments, which we designed together with the investor. In addition to setting optimal parameters and a sophisticated layout including the arrangement of furniture, we were also majorly concerned with the visual appeal of the apartment. The design was[P1] part of the proposal. The house was designed from the inside out, from the product to the whole. That is why the internal arrangement of the building is also reflected on the exterior facade. Each apartment can be read with clarity from the outside. Significant, organic architecture with industrial elements has been created. The jewel in the crown of the design is the patchwork of roofs , which reflects the interesting spatial arrangementof lofts and apartments with patios. The creation of unique architecture with its own characteristic products was also what the investor sought, and it is a successful sales tool.

TALO KAVALÍRKA for YIT in cooperation with Němec Polák Ltd. engineer's office 2015–2016. The project evolved in the attractive Prague location in the borders of Košíř and Smíchov. In the street, Pod Kavalírkou, it complements the existing terraced[P3] apartment building, typical of this location. Construction commenced in July and completion was planned for September 2017. A total of four low-energy, seven-storey houses act as independent buildings, connected by a common underground garage space. For fans of original living, we designed two-level designer lofts with the industrial design on the lowest floors, with access to their own private front gardens . By contrast, on the highest floors, we placed comfortable maisonettes with roof terraces on both sides of the facade. Of course, the proposal also included classic dwellings, with practical layouts from studio flats of 30m2 to four-bedroom dwellings with living-room and kitchenette, of 185m². Almost all apartments included a patio, loggia, protruding balcony or front garden.

X-LOFT for Design Development in cooperation with Masák & Partner 2004–2011. Designer, ecological, economic housing. This was a unique project, the scope of which was to create small-scale lofts within a single building, incorporating the use of advanced technical elements of architecture. Sloping, dividing walls between flats were extra-strong load bearers spanning the entire length of the tract, thus dispensing with the need for garage columns. What was significant, though, was that the width of the small-sized flat at the facade was extended to an unusually high-standard of 6m. As far as plans are concerned, this kind of construction effect gives rise to plenty of letter Xs, hence the letter X was incorporated into the project name. The small apartment thus gained a great deal of light, and excellent arrangement of furnishings. We designed the ideal apartment unit, and with this as our departure point, designed the entire building. Before launching the project, a thorough analysis of the loft as an architectural form was carried out, as well as precise marketing preparations by the developer and sales representatives. The project was distinguished by several revolutionary ideas: the design of the interior proceeded simultaneously with the building project, the exterior architecture was based on the layout of the apartments and the design became a marketing tool. Harmonious economic aspects also brought ease of use of environmental parameters. The project won two awards in the prestigious competition, Project of the Year 2011, and the SBToolCZ Quality Assessment Certificate. . Read an interview with the authors of the X-Loft projects in E15.


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