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A loft is more than a flat

Do you love interesting and unconventional ways of living yet do not want to move to a house made of clay and straw? Do you need the city, yet want a little more air around you than others have? Then loft living is probably the best way to start living in your own way. The loft is not an ordinary home. Loft living can support an extraordinary lifestyle. The loft has become the Piano Nobile of modern times. Loft is more than an apartment. The loft is architecture projected onto housing and that is why we consider living in the loft one of the very best ways of living.

Have a look at which lofts inspire us.

It all began when various docks, factories and warehouses inside cities ceased to serve their purpose, and delapidated brownfields became the embarrassment of each local authority. The idea of changing these dull areas into habitable ones bore fruit not only for developer, and today they are often the most attractive and prestigious living. The original lofts were different. They were cheap alternative housing in upgraded industrial buildings with high ceilings. To the large hall another additional floor was simply added as a gallery. This was, for example, slept on, and there was a kitchen or bathroom under it. The lower space become a free space without further unnecessary partitioning. Such a loft is authentic. This principle was further developed and transposed in time into new structures and varying attics. The only parameters for a good loft are a smart architect, a high enough ceiling and the owner to possess an interesting lifestyle.


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