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Style Point ProCeram

A unique business model of PROCERAM and FREE ARCHITECTS

At design fairs like Milan and Cersaie, we realized how important it is to bring news from the world of design as quickly as possible, directly to customers, through simple and effective presentation. The world of fashion has inspired us. Collections,outfits, styling and shows. The way fashion designers work continues to fascinate us. We have created Style Point on similar principles.


It is a common business model of PROCERAM and FREE ARCHITECTS. It is a combination of top professional services in a context  of strong business. We complement each other and we can offer more together than separately.

This is the area on which we always present one bathroom designed in a particular style. Each bathroom has a particular Czech designer’s signature on it. Stylepoint aims to show original and creative combinations of technology. We want to motivate a creative approach to interiors. We want to break down preconceptions and seek original paths and combinations. This is the end of ordinary times.

Style point is a place where you can order the services of an architect, designer or stylist. It is a place where you can meet with professionals at the moment when you need to design your home, bathroom or just gather a collection of accessories and pieces of decor.

The collection is made up of this year's PROCERAM new pieces. We present products in the form of display panels. Each panel shows the essence of one bathroom in a particular style including all decoration and detail. Only thus is the style complete and becomes more than a trend.

Have a look at a bathroom stall in Scandinavian style, and industrial style.

Follow too our web pages at

You will find out which style is the right one for your bathroom.

Visit StylePoint at New Living Center, 2nd floor, stall A3, Šafránkova 1238/1, 155 00 Prague.


Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us on Facebook, telephone +420 733 546 097, or e-mail: office(at)architects(dot)cz.