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Free Architects Prague

Design and projection of residential and commercial buildings

Free Architects has been on the market since 2006. We are concerned with design and projection of residential and commercial buildings, including their interiors. We are a medium-sized studio in our field, which allows us to bring flexibility as well as sufficient accomplishment to your projects. We love architecture, and besides doing our own designs, we try to bring popularity to the field via social networks and with the help of applications. Perhaps you have already come across our work somewhere else, but  here you can obtain a maximum of information about who we are and what we do. Welcome!

Do our QUIZ and you will find out which interio style or architecture is the one for you.

What's new behind the stage?
Do you want to see more behind the scenes and find out what we are working on at present, where we are or what we're interested in? Follow us on BLOG and INSTAGRAM. Know you architects.

At the moment, bungalows and modern loft homes are popular. We are happy too, to work on the reconstruction of older or period buildings. Builders can commission projects for family homesresidential interiors and exteriors from us. In case of interest, we also provide logistics (communication with the relevant authorities). Additionally, we can process project type alterations, for example wooden buildings which require a high standard Interior. We now, newly, offer the following, additional services: flat stylists‘ services and interior styling and decorating. We always take the future interior into account at the draft stage of designing our buildings.

Corporate Clientele
In the field of commercial building of retail and office space we offer experience with designing showrooms, for example, Decoland Průhonice, QuickStep Everel Praha, health club Holmes Place, restaurants such as Mlýnec by Charles Bridge in Prague, and Václav for Škoda cars. We also design business premises, such as Delmas in Olympia Brno, Corial in the Šantovka gallery in Olomouc and the interiors of farmshops like Biio or Fresh bedýnky.

Our services are regularly used by companies like, for example YIT, Neocity, RSJPE and Avrio. We offer them building designs, reverse development for optimalization of products, redesign of schemes of non-marketable building portfolios, furniture arrangement options for floor plans, sales support, building marketing, work on projections and related architectural developer's services. In addition, home staging, preparation and decoration of model flats.

Reality Show
From 2010 to 2013 we had the opportunity to collaborate on the second run of the TV show How to Build your Dream. In 12 episodes, Petr and Karolína presented various living styles ranging from Provence and contemporary Italian to marginal styles such as the Rock n Roll or Country Cottage interior.

Each new year brings another opportunity to design furniture to order. You can browse the most interesting pieces in the original product design section. Visit too our external STYLEPOINT, which is a permanent exhibition of designer and styled bathrooms, which we are continuously working on and thus we innovate living culture in an area often neglected simply because it is the smallest room in the house.

More on our work (presentation in PREZI)
What is Reverse Development? How do we approach designing a family home ? In what ways is this approach more beneficial than the norm? How do we design interiors?

Presentations in ISSU
Family Homes from 1997 to 2017, Portfolio on Development, Details of the Kavalírka Project. A look at Commerce or Cafes and Restaurants.


Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us on Facebook, telephone +420 733 546 097, or e-mail: office(at)architects(dot)cz.