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Exhibition stall

Don ’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd

We will design your exhibiton stall in order to make your label stand out.

Did you know, that the first art–technology exhibition took place as early as 1851? The world has changed a huge amount since then, but the exhibition has not disappeared. It is still one of the best opportunities to be seen. In addition to international exhibitions,there are a whole range of specialist events for all conceivable branches of technology and design industries. The exhibition stall thus becomes the embassy for your business for a short period. To be in the role of ambassador is not just a question of prestige and business, but above all the opportunity to show your company, products and service culture in the best possible light. The small stand will become your entire business, your home and your business card during the show. The design of the stand is the materialization of everything your business represents for you from past to future; from philosophy to coffee maker. Do not forget that a good designer can fit even the biggest ideas into the most limited area.

Take a look at the most interesting fairs through our camera lens.

We ended up working on exhibitions thanks to successful cooperations designing showrooms. Satisfied directors began to turn to us in the context of developing further cooperation, with the need for the preparation of various domestic exhibitions and trade fairs. Of course, every year, we visit the most significant international design events, so we are sometimes literally overloaded with sensations and perceptions. The opportunity to design the exhibition stall gives us the perfect outlet for these creative tensions, as well as a great challenge and motivation to work. Our goal is to prepare a design which helps you to become a unique and striking exhibitor. Motivate and inspire other professionals with your stall. It's not about being the best, but about being memorable. That, you can achieve only by thinking like this: "Simplification is the ultimate sophistication ", Leonardo da Vinci.


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