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Housing complexes

A modern district for a contemporary European city

These used to be called housing schemes. They were huge. They have survived and are still inhabited today. Nowadays, however, nobody is interested in building similar new cities for tens or hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. What people are talking about are rather projects that suitably value the development of the inner perimeter of the city and therefore do not have to demarcate areas of natural landscape. They cover a smaller area than the aforementioned housing schemes, but they already offer interesting areas of public space and new horizons in urban panoramas. These projects bring natural and sustainable development to the city, but it is necessary, above all, to deal with the added burden of ensuring ease of transport, due to the immensely increased mobility of each one of us today. The building of such expansive units takes place gradually, hence there is temporary deterioration in living conditions in the surrounding area of the site. A modern city district should bring an interesting mix of operational businesses, services and housing. Urbanism in such neighbourhoods should organically connect with the existing environment and bring new, town developmental elements. Architecture can then successfully develop and seek new forms of typology for residential buildings. The modern European metropolis never sleeps; it is constantly changing, and we too wish to keep progressing.

NEW GOLF PRAGUE for Rex development Prague 2011. An unerealised project, of interest because it was the very first time reverse development was used in design practice. The method involves designing buildings naturally, starting from the individual flat design and culminating in the whole building entity. This work is preceded by a thorough analysis of unsold apartments on the real estate market.Thus all malfunctions and disparities in the layout, which detract from sales potential, are identified and eliminated in the first phase of the project. The fine-tuned units are then combined into a typical floor, building, and finally a whole set of buildings. It has become clear that some older habits and approaches no longer work  today. Development projects can no longer be mechanically ordered flats above garages.


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