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Economical house

Modern, economical homes made to measure

Modern, economical homes combine two good elements: eonomic housing and responsible behaviour towards the environment. We would say it is a certain ideal. It is not easy to get close to it. It is a complex lifestyle involving everything from your eating habits and living habits to the way you behave in a traffic jam. Today, it is not just about having a lower electricity bill or a quasi-domestic sewage treatment plant. People are beginning to realize that the world does not end with at boundaries of their plot.

An economical house = a compact house:
If the house is to be economical, it is not enough to rely solely on technology. Its mass and rational operations should already be able to help the given purpose. There should be no needless corridors.. One room must be connected to another, the height of the ceiling must correspond to the necessary minimum cubage  It is also a suitable type of building for a small plot of 450-600m.. These are mostly two-storey buildings with a small built-up area and small space requirements. A bungalow can be economical too.

The advatage of a semi-detached or terraced house:
A shared wall diminishes the loss of heat and building costs.

The basis here is correct orientation of the rooms and glazed areas towards the outside world. A slight slope with southeast orientation is ideal. The north side should be at least partially buried with a minimum of openings, whereas the southern wall may be completely glazed and connect  functionally to the whole system.. Out of this  is born a logical economical  layout, with corridors, dressing rooms and storage spaces to the north, and living quarters to the south The shapeof the house and layout of the floor is based on a simple rule: to get as much volume as possible with the smallest surface. It is also necessary to think about the comfort of the interior climate. A rational layout is based on a thoughtful interior with perfect ergonomics without areas of waste.

Technology and savings:
This doesn’t have to be a wooden building. For energy-saving structures, systems of reclaimed materials are also perfect (eg Verox, Durisol). These are additionally completed with an accumulatory layer of concrete which timber projects lack. Both construction systems allow quick assembly, but the lifetime of brick buildings is significantly higher. The disadvantages of wooden constructions also include the impossibility of later adaptations of layouts or intervention in the facade. Reclaiming can make the system perfect, but even without it you can still achieve great results.

Architecture a style:
Economical houses and timber houses are at risk of a looking like a shoe box. When trying to achieve a traditional expression, we see unsightly catalogue houses with strange proportions. The excellent technological background of the building is certainly not an obstacle to the design of a high quality modern or period building.

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