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Shed prejudice about development

Your city changes and develops beneath your very eyes on a daily basis. In one place, a building will appear overnight, while elsewhere, an old factory will disappear. People perceive this in different ways. Different camps, movements and tensions emerge. We are not concerned with which side people tend towards, but with how they understand building. It has a tremendous impact on urbanisation, and people in turn can have a tremendous influence on it. So the question here is not whether or not cities should undergo development, but rather what form this development should take. Today, the field of multidisciplinary development here has two decades of practice, experimentation, failures and successes behind it, which each of us is familiar with. As a result, society is gaining in experience, and new, more modern, legislation is emerging, thus bringing new opportunities. So it follows that the development of our cities is being encouraged in the spirit of the European metropolis. We have always wanted to participate in this development, and the road to being granted a commission for hundreds of apartments is quite simply longer and harder than the road to being asked to design a family home. We have now arrived at this point: we stand on the threshold of development, and as experts, we have the capacity to bring our best professional results to the whole mosaic, because the whole is always composed of a larger number of small parts. You too can influence development. Do you want to know how? Do not buy badly developed apartments. We have been avoiding offering them for a very long time now.

You can also browse through our comprehensive development portfolio in ISSU.

What developers do we most often cooperate with?

Our services are regularly employed by companies such as YIT, Neocity, RSJ Private Equity and Avrio Invest. Recently, there has also been a brand new category of private investors with smaller-scale projects, which are nonetheless just as interesting as those of larger companies.

What Services Do We Offer the Developer?

After many years of experience in the field, we have taken the liberty of summarizing the possible forms of cooperation on contracts into these five
basic categories: Suburban housing I Redesign of buildings I Residential buildings I Urban housing complexes I Sales support.

What Shape Does a Project With Us Take?

Even at the earliest stages of projections such as investment plans and land use projects and studies, we place a huge emphasis on the success of sales of new dwellings, because the quality of the schema can have up to 30% impact on the gross sales volume! Nowadays, you can no longer depict buildings as several floors, one above the other, on top of a garage platform. That is why our professional approaches and often the content of the work delivered vary greatly from the norm, even though we are still simply producing drawings and tables. We try to diversify, innovate and continuously amend the building portfolio, so we can provide you with the best plans before entering the sales phase.Other phases, such as projects relating to building permits and implementation, will be undertaken in cooperation with our general partner,
Němec Polák Ltd, who have considerable success and extensive experience in the field of technical design, including e.g. BIM standards. During the course of several recent projects, this form of cooperation has proved itself to be beneficial, by allowing us to do more than our competitors, for less money.

What is Reverse Development?

It is a way of designing buildings from the inside out. So, from the interior, through the construction, to the facade, if you like. Not many people work like this. We have developed this approach based on our own practical experience of a number of redesigns, during which entire buildings were often completely reconstructed with great difficulty, until someone wondered if they could simply be drawn correctly straight off? Yes, they can! Take a look at a presentation of reverse development.


Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us on Facebook, telephone +420 733 546 097, or e-mail: office(at)architects(dot)cz.