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Photography from Filming

Petr and Karolína | How to realise a dream

The period from 2010-2013 was full of changes and turning points for our studio. We had only been in business for about a decade when the programme, How to Realise a Dream, entered our lives. From that moment on, nothing remained the same. Gradually we became what we are today: and excellent team for house, flat and interior designs. Come and take a look at the photographs which documented this, and which nobody has seen yet.

Daniel Šperl. Photographer and cameraman; every inch a professional; the cynic, sceptic, ruthless eye and good soul of the programme, with a sense of humour too. "During the filming, I lost my sight, my back and my family"

"Thanks to Dan, it was worth it." Follow the retrospective serial of all our 13 stories in the Blog.  Like how we got here?


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