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Move in your new home earlier, keep your budget in check and don’t pay twice!

A house designed by us always bears an original design which meets all your requirements. We have extensive experience of designing houses including their interiors and their immediate exteriors. Our portfolio of services includes a wide range of interconnected professions. We have an experienced team who offers professional advice as well.

Preparatory phase
In this stage we create an architectonic study while considering technological conditions of the structure following relevant legislature. The architectonic study is a basic foundation for further project work. We incorporate a different approach to working with a client. Unlike other studios we do not create many versions for the client to choose from. Instead, we have a series of interactive workshops in which we consult and plan the project together with you, the investor. This approach guarantees that you can respond faster and create a design which will meet your demands straightaway. This type of cooperation acquires a dynamic dimension and you basically become a part of the team.

The stage of preparing an architectonic study solves the context of the structure, the concept of its interior and the overall style of the house. We also deal with legal authorities and neighbours so we avoid subsequent issues and additional expenses due to them.

For the concept of the interior we create a colour and material scheme. We generate visualizations, compile collections of furnishings and fitted units as well as put together technical drawings for electricity planning, lighting layout, heating system and other technical details.

Not sure what interior style is for you? We concocted a game Find Your Style for you to find out which direction you ought to go. See the section of Interior services to get more information on interior design.

As a part of the design there is a further elaboration of architectural features such as mouldings, attics, door or window heads, railings, balconies, etc. to ensure a logical link of the house to the terrain. We also create a study and design of the immediate exterior of the house, in particular landscaping, terraces, infrastructure and paved areas as well as placing elements such as a swimming pool, an arbour or a pergola, a gazebo, etc. On demand we also provide authorial supervision to ensure the contractor follows the plan.

Complex project activities
In this stage the project for zoning and building permit is finished as well as for the construction phase. You are given a fixed budget and you can be sure to avoid any excess expenses for additional works.

Contractor shortlisting and authorial supervision
We offer services when selecting a contractor as we have a list of recommended and verified companies. When you wish to maintain similarity of the design to its actual appearance in real life, we advise you to use the authorial supervision service.

Interior styling
By further agreement our designers team styles the finished interior with décor and accessories so they are true to the interior style. If necessary, all items can be delivered and some of them even installed.

We also specialise in themed interior design, such as English CottageLa Provence.

Please refer to our portfolio of family homes.

See a compact prezentation on how we design family homes here.


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