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Design a hotel which leaves a mark on your customers

We will design hotel room interiors, reception area, lobby bar - simply everything to do with staying in a hotel.

A hotel room is not a home, but that is a good thing. It is not necessary to copy homes of your clients. A playwright and a poet G.B. Shaw once said that "the great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life". People do not want to feel like they are at home, they seek something exceptional, a luxury experience and the feeling of being pampered. Long gone are the times when we stayed in hotels just to have a place to sleep and store our luggage. Today we look for something more, perhaps a well-designed hotel room down to the last detail. A room where you simply want to be.

Apartments of film stars
Currently we are designing interiors of apartments at the best address in Prague - as the investor says. There's something true about it, because when George Cloony or Brad Pitt come to Prague, they mostly rent a flat right here. Since the last renovation a few years have passed and so we have decided to return home authenticity and elegance. We have illuminated the flats, gave them more style, adjusted the layouts, and made the most valuable these flats have stand out - a view of the charming Prague. Each of them will be original and will offer a special experience. Canopy bed in the attic, office in the bay or sleeping in the tower. The perimeter walls will have a décor, the doors will be original and the parquet will be classic. The furniture combines an original Art Deco or Art Nouveau style with a modern Walter Knoll or Maxalto style. We pay attention to the quality of the selected pieces. Everything is interconneced with a film theme and cult pictures of Sofia Loren to make her feel good when she arrives.


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