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Modern Classic Style

Subtlety and sophisticated elegance

Subtle interior and its sophisticated look on neutral but often luxurious background – these constitute the Modern Classic style. This tendency is characterised by being timeless, which is given by choosing high-quality materials and classic elements in their modern look.

The Elegant style’s basic element is wood, ideally in dark shades, complimented by the colour white. Another colour can be added to create interest, and earthy colours work best, for example different shades of brown, claret, green, or even purple. Forget various “excesses” like bean bag seats, atypical plastic furniture and other accessories. These things really don’t belong. Choose a simple suite and a dark coffee table instead. If you decide to liven up the room with some added decor, indulge in decorative carpets or curtains, for example. It should be subtle, though, preferably tone on tone. In short, it’s not rocket science, just sheer elegance.

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