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Living with a historical dimension

Genius loci draws us to places where we usually find not only the picturesque destinations of our weekend walks but also the greatest building challenges for all those who decide to live in such a place. A place with a thick layer of history, a place that feels like home, whether it's an old train station, a farm building on a hillside or a baroque palace.

In beautiful surroundings of Prague's Podbaba district, we had the chance to design a living space for a young couple. Due to their work, both travel a lot and have seen a lot of the world, but home is home. We had faced quite a challenge taking up on this reconstruction. That’s to say, technically only one half of the building, which was a single tract, was available. Originally, there were only two rooms and a toilet on the ground floor. Following our renovation, there is now a spacious dressing room on the ground floor, with a bathroom. A wooden extension reaches up to the first floor, where you can find a bedroom, a living-room, a children's bedroom and even a little reading gallery. We have extended the living space during summer months by adding a large terrace as well. Be inspired by this generation’s style.

The total net floor area is 98m2.
The developed floor area is 52m2.


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