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Today’s favourite type residence

No stairs leading upstairs or into the cellar - bungalows offer a comfortable barrier-free life in a house where all the rooms are connected to the garden or the surroundings.

A bungalow needs a bigger building site as it takes up more space than a two-storey building. We recommend choosing a site on a slope, or in a sculpted terrain because a bungalow does not offer any views from the upstairs.

Smaller bungalows are usually slightly subtler buildings, and it is easier to achieve a low-cost building project. An L-shaped plan suits them well, with a vertical exterior wall with corner windows, windows reaching right under the roof, and the crosstie hidden in the corncing.

With big bungalows it is necessary to divide the building project into two or three smaller units, which reflect the unequivocal arrangement of the floor plan. The most striking part should be the part comprising the living space, which is best designed with a throughview to the roof beams or an extra-high ceiling. That provides the required airspace, airiness and grandness, and it also prevents overheating. Diagonal vents/lighting or skylight windows in the roof are most suitable, in order to avoid it being too dark in the central part of the layout. The part with bedrooms can, by contrast, have lower ceilings, making them cozier. Thus we also avoid the „toadstool“ effect of a ridiculously large and non-utilisable roof area. You can combat this effect by significantly overlapping cornicing and with a gentle slope of the roof, like a Tuscan villa.

Bungalows can be modern, stylish, energy-saving, monumental or playful, but equally they can be commonplace, dull or bland. They require more remarkable architecture, with interesting accentuated features or characteristic ideas.


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