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Find your style


The path to a stylish, ergonomic, and well-designed interior

Free architects focused solely on architectonic projects as far as 2010. We were asked to be a part of a Czech TV home improvement show (Petr and Karolína) which showed renovations of homes. After doing our part we realised that a building itself and its interior are interconnected phenomena forming an inseparable unit. That is why our studio now has an independent designers team. We specialize in four basic interior types: Scandinavian, industrial, minimalistic and rustic. We are also able to design interiors in themed La Provence style or an artsy wabi-sabi style. Are you wondering what style is for you? Play a game Find Your Style to find out what you actually like in interiors.

Preliminary consultations on the spot
Initial consultation on the spot means a thorough inspection of the interior, a discussion over possible solutions, and drafting a basic budget.

To start off the design we photograph and measure the place. In order to create a basic visualization showing volumes and proportions, we also ask you to bring some pictures that you like, e.g. from magazines or Pinterest. See our Pinterest page where you can thoroughly study various interior styles.

Interactive workshops
We have several scheduled workshops in our studio to talk about the designs. We incorporate a different approach to working with a client. Unlike other studios we do not create many versions for the client to choose from. Instead, we have a series of interactive workshops in which we consult and plan the project together with you, the investor. This approach guarantees that you can respond faster and create a design which will meet your demands straightaway. This type of cooperation acquires a dynamic dimension and you basically become a part of the team.

3D model
Based on your requirements and a basic visualizations we line up a fixed budget and create a 3D model. In the model you are able to see the layout adjustments. We also make sure the interior is furnishable and ergonomic to make your live there easier. At the interactive workshop we walk through the interior as if we were right inside the building.

Our designers put together a list of furnishings and fitted units which correspond with the style and the mood board created beforehand. Such a mood board gives you quite a precise information about the colour palette, materials and textures. For your accurate idea we create a photorealistic visualization which will also be a great material for your contractors. Your dream home will thus look exactly as it is designed by our designers. A table of furnishing items is a clear summary of the products, their prices and availability as well as links and shops. We also have a list of verified contractors you can use to realize your dream interior.

In further agreement, additional services can be ordered, such as: detailed technical drawings e.g. for a fireplace, false ceilings, tile layout;project documentation or authorial supervision. When you wish to maintain similarity of the design to its actual appearance in real life, we advise you to use the authorial supervision service.

Summary of the services

  • Documentation for the building permit
  • Implementation projects and cooperation during construction
  • Assistance in preparing budgets for all phases of the project

See our presentation to understand how we design interiors.

Home staging & home styling
In case you need to style your interior for a specific purpose e.g. in order to sell it, you can use our service of homestaging.


Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us on Facebook, telephone +420 733 546 097, or e-mail: office(at)architects(dot)cz.