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Home staging & home styling

Make your interior appealing

Sometimes there might be a need to make the completed interior even better. We would like our interiors to be perfect therefore we offer the services of home styling, home staging and other related services.

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What is home staging and what is it good for?
Home staging is an act of prepping the interior for sale on a marketplace. This service should make the property appealing in order to sell better and faster. The techniques of home staging include transforming the interior into an attractive product that everyone might want to buy. The first impression is a crucial element in the process of selling property. The first photograph decides whether the potential client clicks on the ad or not.

According to the statistics from Swedish professional real estate agents the price of the property might increase of 10 % thanks to home staging.

Furniture and accessories rental service & photography
We are able to provide renting out decorations, accessories and small furnishings for home staging purposes including their delivery and styling. We also provide output photographs for your final presentation on web pages or social networking sites.

Home styling for private clients
Do you think your interior is not finished? Would you like to achieve the look that you see on Pinterest or Instagram? You might have come to a dead end where you have no idea how to make your home appealing and more attractive. This service helps fine-tune all empty, disbalanced or cluttered spots in your interior with suitable décor and small furnishings.

Preliminary consultations on the spot
Initial consultation on the spot means a thorough inspection of the interior, a discussion over possible solutions, and drafting a basic budget. We will also give you some tips on how to deal with common issues. The specific ones will left for us to deal with.

A collection of items
We curate a list of potential items suitable for your project, which will be used to style the interior.

We will buy, deliver and install the items
All items will be installed in your interior and small jobs such as drilling holes will be done.

Photography services
We offer to photograph the finished interior in order to see everything works well. With your permission we might present the results on our social media.


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