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Young living

Mix a refreshing design, and create your own personal style

Young living is a creative style intended for the younger generation. It is the opposite of all conservative movements. The point of it is not to provoke. It is alternative. Symbols of success and prosperity do not belong here. Forget overdecorated kitsch too. Young living is about different values. Its devotees know just as well who Nikola Tesla was, as where to buy the best longboards in town. It cretes a refreshing mix of designs for comfortable, fresh living. It combines bold, contemporary design with colour and even humorous detail. If money is lacking, simply make it yourself. IThis style combines objects from France, Italy and Scandinavia, where this approach actually has its roots. Don’ t be afraid to hunt for things, even at the local bazaar or hobby market. It's an eclectic style with reference to the courage of the sixties. It is a style for those who are not afraid to put together their own, original interior, and who want to avoid imitating others at all costs.

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Where can I find this style?

For example: Ak47SmarinBrokisBoaDesign propagandaPunto design

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