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Vintage styl

Good things mature with time

Are you unsure exactly where to draw the line between vintage and retro styles? Believe me,  even we were unclear about it until very recently. It is not two synonyms for one thing from the past, but two different concepts. At an exhibition of Alfonse Mucha´s works in Bratislava in the Spring, we asked two experienced, American journalists to clarify it for us. It is not just because both words have English roots. What is the difference between vintage and retro styles?  Above all, vintage is always a synonym for quality - quality which matures with time and increases in value. So vintage is, for example, an old Ford Mustang or Eames Chair. Vintage can even be a good wine. It is a mark of high quality origins and maturity. It is everything which has stood the test of time. By contrast retro can be practically anything from an earlier date and it certainly is not a mark of quality. Some unpopular things, like the well-known old wallpaper from highrise flats and orange table lamps from the eighties can be retro.

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Where can I find this style?

For example:Restoration Hardware, Stodola, LePatio

You can find more Vintage inspiration with us at pinterest.

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