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The Philosophy of Free Architects

What spurs us on?

Architecture is a beautiful field, which attracts new talent every year, individuals with a desire not only to learn about the profundities of human history, but also to create them. Architecture is a field with great technical and artistic reach and philosophical erudition. Architecture is one of the oldest creative, motivational and positive tools civilization possesses. It knows how to transform ordinary materials into unusually beautiful, functional forms. The person who possesses the wisdom of experience yet is young at heart, is the one who will become a great master in our field. Our work is no ordinary employment. Our work is a calling. It cannot be done by halves. It takes a huge amount of time, and is rarely rewarded financially. The fruits we reap, though, are sweet and rich in discovery and freedom.

Our Inspiration
Art cannot exist without man. Nor can technology exist without challenges, or philosophy without questions. Architecture cannot exist without people. It is one person in the service of another. All the rest is incidental. First and foremost, the people involved must understand each other. People's destinies are our greatest inspiration.

Our Mission
Architecture is like the Cinderella of Czechia. We are not as far advanced as we should be, but we’re working on it; we’re working on it every single day. Everything we do is to this end. Architecture is the Haute Couture of building. Read our short stories about how our team members at Free Architects perceive their past, present and future in this organisation.