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#Back to Stool

Think globally, act locally (Jacques Ellul)

For all lovers of DIY and novel design, we decided to organize regular workshops in our studio, at your business, just wherever you want. Together with us, you can make simple straightforward concrete items such as chairs, pots, lamps and other small items for the interiors of your home or office. You get an authentic designer object, meet new people, learn new skills, but above all, you get rid of the fear of making something. This is the best way to fight against modern-day neuroses. You can discover the magical pleasure of something simple, natural and real. That's why our table cannot be bought. It can only be made—with us, of course. Explore the social networks Facebook and Instagram under the key term #backtostool and see how many people have already been successful.

If you want to see our studio, try our workshop, where you will learn how to make concrete furniture. The upcoming workshops will be announced on Facebook and Instagram with all the information. By agreement we can arrange individual workshops for 2 - 3 persons on Friday afternoons. Such a workshop is also a great way to do a team-building activity for your employees. In all cases just send an email to lucie(at)architects(dot)cz or drop a message on our Facebook page.

Why don’t we have an e-shop?

We are an architectural studio. We primarily provide services, so we will always be happier when you make the stool with us rather than buying it. It would lose its whole DIY philosophy if you bought it. What’s more, we know that an object you have made is something more for its owner, than an ordinary, cheaply bought thing. The making of the stool is for us a social and marketing task which develops our brand.

Take a look at inspiration in concrete on Pinterest.cz.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us on Instagram using #backtostool.


Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us on Facebook, telephone +420 733 546 097, or e-mail: office(at)architects(dot)cz.